Sunday, April 5, 2009

my dream man

Everybody of course have their dream man or woman,hm..actually i never thought about dream man before this. For me, i just want to spend my life with person that simple and love me so much..
Thats all i want from my dream man. Other than that, i also like the person that can guide me in religion or in other words someone 'soleh'.
That all i think i can share with all of you......

How i feel for the test????

How i feel for the test??? to be honest, i feel a little bit disappointed with my performance because for me i do not do the best and lack of preparation.For the writing test. i not confident with some of the answer and i feel so down during that time. Beside that, during the test,the temperature so cool and i have to stop writing because my hand so cool and cramp. i thought that i am the only one face the situation,but after i went out from the hall, i see there some people face the same situation too.

For the listening test i make a silly mistake because i do not read the instruction before answer and as the result i was answering the question wrongly. Hm, i feel so stress when think about it and after this, i will make sure i am not repeated the same mistakes.

For the last test, which is speaking test, i could not understand what the question ask for and as the result my point out of topic. When i realize my point is out of topic i was so panic and nervous until i could not think rationally after that and i could not answer the question from my friends.
Thats all my experience that i can share with all of you..da-

Sunday, February 8, 2009

what im diong during the mid term???

During the mid term i juz spent a lot of time for resting. At home i juz sleep and watch my favorite story because here i cant spend my time for watching my favorite story.
Other than that, i accompany my mother to buy something for my sister. what is it??hmm,let it be our secret..
This holiday, i was disappointed my best friend because along thats week, i do not spent any time with her. Thats because every time i would like to go out with her, there must be some obstacle..So,i promise to her after this holiday i will go to her home and try the caked that she baked. mm,the cake is so delicious and i like the caked bake by her very much!!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

What i want to change...

There a lot of things actually i would like to change but i dont think that everything will be change so easily. So rite now,three things that actually i really want to change.
Firstly, i would like to avoid talk too much and become shy person because i think, i just waste my time when i talk too much. Furthemore, i think much better i spend time with something that give more benefit to me than i waste my time for talk .
Secondly, I want to be more panctual come to the class because i realise that i always come late to the class. So i hope that after this i will come early to the class.
Thirdly, i want to be more hardworking person because i think im very lazy this semester. Thatz all for today,THANK UUUU